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Recorded in the winter/spring of 2010, this is My Mouth Is the Speaker's debut full length. Mike Robinson wrote and recorded drums and percussion. Featuring guest vocals by Rob Parr of Apres Vous, Erik Nagel of Baby Bear and Human Nature, Connor Johnson of Reverse the Curse, Jenna Fournier of Nights, and Uncle Gavin Murphy.


released June 18, 2010

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Parr
Artwork and Photography by Andrew Wells

Daniel Palmentara: voice/guitar
Max Eger: guitar
Robert Ellsworth: bass
Brandon Gardner: keys
Ryan Chiera: drums



all rights reserved


My Mouth is the Speaker Akron, Ohio

Four-piece punk/indie outfit from Ohio on Escapist Records.

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Track Name: It's Fun to do Bad Things
For all I care, this breeze can carry me away. This storm has followed me for days. I feel I can't escape. You stand in line, I'll jump the gate, and I'll be on my way [I will make a break for it when no one's watching me (LET GO!) There's room for two. I know we'll get away with it.] We're soaking it in. As deep as we can. We're soaking it all in. Now let it out and bask in it. It's been so long, I can't wait to scrape my knees with you.
Track Name: At the Rate I'm Going...
I can see the irony, from way up on the balcony. It's right next to you. What I'd give to stop the clocks, turn them back, replace the thoughts that remain in the air we breathe. [Each night, I stand alone outside and wonder where I'll go. At the rate I'm going... I ask the moon that hangs above me and he sits expressionless. I could care less...] I'm floating out my window. As the night winds down, I collect myself from inside out. Maps and globes can take me to the places that i used to know, but my train of thought has derailed.
Track Name: Gravity [Gave Up On Me]
Open the blinds and let the daylight in. Might do some good if it were a perfect world. Well it's not. But what could it hurt. Let's put things in to motion. I'm up and out the door. The sun is much too bright, dark shades cover my eyes. It's been some time, still you bat your eyes at mine. I'll take you up on your offer, before it's off of the table. Then gravity gave up on me. Tonight will mark it's disbelief. [Tonight you have a certain glow that i cannot ignore. I can tell, yes I can tell, that you feel alive with the wind in your hair, the wind in your hair. What can I say? My breath is taken away.] Sprawled out across the lawn, can't wrap your head around it. Don't focus on those fleeting neverminds you can't see. It's alright. Gravity is gone.
Track Name: Silk and Sandpaper
There's a time and place where the world slows down. You're becoming alarmed, I'll be sure to tell you when we're getting closer. By now you're feeling warm and hazy. [Catch your breath and stay right next to me, even if it complicates this for you. I know that if you close your eyes you will find sleep... next to me] I press my trembling hands against the small of your back, as condensation collects on the rear view. Do you find it odd that I can't sit still when you go away? I know that if I close my eyes I will find sleep... next to you.
Track Name: The Impression You Leave
Let your guard down. Must we speak in actions that don't reflect the truth? I've got this feeling from the floor up to the roof, when you're in the room. Once again the train is off its course. [It's a fool's paradise without you. Or could it be the impression you leave? It's getting old, but I'm way to nice to say so. At least that's what I tell myself.] Do you dig the dirt that I lay in front of you? It's covering your shoes, and you dont know what to do. Because fickle feet, they move much too slow to leave the fence. I've been far and away on a long ride and won't be back any time soon. Go ahead, and hide your heart my dear. Go ahead, It fits nicely in his sleeve. Go ahead, and look down at your feet.
Track Name: "Who's Scruffy Lookin'?"
Long night, harsh morning in the mid-day sun. Everyone has plans and I've got none. Last night was hell and you disappeared. The only thing I recall is wandering into a dream. If you feel like you're stuck in Hell, I'd be on the first train down to get you out. And when we get home the devil will be there, slipping you drinks and talking shit... on me. I sweat it out, walk it off, and try to clear my head. Breathe in, breathe out as I float away. I know the moment came and left. Count of 3, everybody let's disconnect. This is where I get confused, if I am sleeping or awake. I'll try to make to time to get things straight, with thoughts that provoke me in the way.
Track Name: Being Human
You wonder where you've been. Chances are it was somewhere in the middle, of a story full of holes I'm mixed up in. It's a bit complex with your recklessness, and my open mouth will do no good. [Don't misconstrue or get caught up in your past. Just put it all to rest now.] Get lost in the patterns of my ceiling. Another maze to get through. I'm amazed I even made it out at all. I was just being human. Until now. I knew it all along. All I ever needed was a little push.
Track Name: Striking Gold [In the Old West]
The scorching sun hangs over head, as vultures pray upon the dead. I can't help but think of all the lives that stood here before me. I drive through the open land, as sand and wind blow hand-in-hand. Windows down, we're feeling fine. [These wind-worn plains will host my getaway. I'll drive all day, I'll drive all night, even if the sun's in my eyes. And it's no surprise than when I get there, i'll be all alone. I'll let you know. I'll let you know, if I ever strike gold.] Contemplate my next disguise. A brand new plan I have devised. Will it work like magic tonight? If so, the roads were paved for me and only me. Man I know, the feeling will never go. No it will never get old. And as the seasons unwind, the reason's getting harder to find. I've got mine.
Track Name: Delta Chi [BRAH!]
For centuries all people believed they're alone, and with no purpose at all. Today I prove them wrong. flipped it upside down and cast it out. Do you believe we can live vicariously through song? [ We can and we will, sing the whole night though, until the colors start to spin, and if you feel left out well join right in. I'm not taking no for an answer this time around (I'VE SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT'S LOOKING GOOD!)] So i paced around for months and months on end, waiting for something to happen. Suddenly this melody took ahold of me and it went (SLOW DOWN!) Don't give up quite yet. There's a light inside you yet. (YOU KNOW NOT!) how to turn it on, and on, and on my friends (I'VE SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT'S LOOKING GOOD!)
Track Name: Landmarks
At Last! It's in the bag. It's in our bones. It's in our blood. Still baffled by what's inside and growing weary as we go. Take a second look at it. Is sleep what we need? Cause I for one, have been sleeping too long. It's done nothing but lead me to the same dead end again. With folded arms, my tongue in cheek, on the way to Hell. Until I saw the truth. Cracked the code, broke the mold, still sipping wine to pass the time. Your life quilt-like, but does that blanket keep you warm? All through the night? All through your life? Just think about it if you don't believe. Because you've seen a million places, you've seen twice as many faces, yet you haven't seen enough. I know it's tough for you to see the good in anything at all. We see everything. We see everything as separate. Oh, yeah. But I know now where I stand, in the universes plan. I am everywhere...